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Core Stability Training: Should we use it?

Low back pain

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a patient tell me they needed to strengthen their core, have asked for some specific spinal strengthening exercises for their chronic low back pain, or have had a physician write a physical therapy prescription for spinal stability training. Conservatively, I’d say it happens on a weekly basis. There are numerous programs out there that teach you how to selectively activate your deep spinal stabilizers and how to encourage this in your patients. The theory behind this approach postulates the deep spinal stabilizers have delayed activation in people with chronic low back pain when compared to pain-free individuals. This begs the questions, “Is that really what I should be doing?” I have my own thoughts/views on its use and place in physical therapy, but we’ll save that discussion for later. Continue reading

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When I graduated physical therapy school, I thought I had a firm grasp on all things PT. My patients had been improving during my clinical rotations, I received a stellar report from my final clinical instructor, and I had added few letters behind my name after passing the national boards. Plus, I was a Doctor of Physical Therapy! I soon realized, though, my grasp wasn’t as firm as I initially thought. My clinical rotations had done a wonderful job preparing me for the majority of what I could expect to see in an outpatient clinic, but hadn’t prepared me for the level of chronicity I would experience in the tribal system.  Continue reading

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