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My Blueprint for Clinical Practice Development

Blue print

My physical therapy program was designed to prepare “generalists;” physical therapists who can work in nearly any setting/environment with the knowledge and skill to get the job done and prevent death/dismemberment  Coming out as a generalist is a double edged sword; you can work anywhere, but that doesn’t mean what you’re doing is of the highest calibre. One of the best options to quickly gain experience, mentorship, and training is via post-graduate residency. Obviously this isn’t an option for everyone, particularly those in the tribal setting…me included. With this in mind, I created my own blue-print/schematic for clinical development. This schematic was based on the general structure of my colleagues’ residencies, comprising of the following components. Continue reading

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The Tribal Transition


It looks like we’ve had our second contributor, Dr. James Bailey, DPT, PT, come through to offer his transition into the tribal system. As I’ve mentioned before, the tribal sector is not a road well travelled and making the transition from an outpatient facility to a tribal facility isn’t an easy task. Thanks for taking the time to post, James.

My name is James Bailey and I obtained my doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Oklahoma in 2011. I was excited to graduate and start my career in an outpatient facility where I believed I was ready to take on any and all patients. Just like any new grad I was excited but also a little petrified about taking on a patient-load while knowing I was solely responsible for patient outcomes. This unease melted away quickly as I became more efficient with my techniques and my ability to communicate to address patient questions. My rotations while in school helped tremendously with these skills, but it is not the same when you are set loose with a clinical license and become the one making the ultimate decisions with patient care. Continue reading

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