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Full Circle

Since starting this blog, I’ve been hoping to receive contributions from others in the tribal setting. And fortunately, we’ve had a taker. Our first guest blog comes from Steven Lee, DPT, PT, a recent graduate, experienced tribal health consumer, and new employee of a tribal health center. Steven has seen tribal health from a variety of aspects and has┬áchosen to share his story. Thank you for the contribution, Steven.

Growing up, I frequented Native healthcare clinics within my own tribe. Everything from a simple cold, to a grade III ankle sprain (basketball, it will get you) drew me to the free and available healthcare provided at such facilities. Sometimes it meant waiting 4 hours to see the provider for 5 minutes; other times, I found myself waiting 5 minutes to spend 4 hours in the emergency room. Simply put, it varied. Similar to any healthcare facility or corporation, so did the care. Continue reading

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