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Carry on my wayward son…

“Carry on my wayward son For there’ll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don’t you cry no more…”                                                                                                                                              Kansas

As I wade through the current literature regarding the use of patient outcome measures in the practice of Physical Therapy, the above lyrics to a classic rock hit by Kansas come to mind.  I feel quite wayward about my use of outcome measures in the clinic when I read articles or presentations by researchers in our profession.  They do not believe outcome measures are worth my patient’s time, much less worth my time as a clinician.  I disagree. A simple solution I have found to avoid taking up valuable appointment time and/or overlapping patients is telling the patients as they are being scheduled to arrive 20minutes prior to their appointment.  Is it 100% fool proof?  Absolutely not.  However, the great majority of our patients comply with our request and rarely is it an issue.  Also, minimizing my time as a clinician in scoring the outcome measures also has a simple solution…practice.  I score the outcome measures we use in less than 30seconds now. You become very quick and efficient with enough practice. Continue reading